Originally from Kyle of Lochalsh, I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2006 with a BA (hons) in painting. I moved back to the Skye and Lochalsh area 7 years ago.

The joy of being in nature is what inspires me to paint. I'm never happier than when outside with my paints or pastels. I'll often go to the same spot and be moved as if it's the first time I've ever been there. How tree's expose their sculptural skeleton in the winter, sharing their life story for all who care to sit with them a while. Or sat next to a river, mesmerised by the sound and flow of the water. Often brought back to reality when my dog, Bobby, announces the arrival of a gust of wind or a leaf. Credit where credit's due though, he has become much more accepting of these stationary walks we go on!

My love of nature has naturally spilled over in to animals. A new subject matter for me which I am excited to explore.